Laser Marking Inside utensil


The matured technology of laser marking machine makes the marking technique more abundant, laser type and machine's structure also have more optional, but for some product those normal machine can not match the requirement, it need to special designing the machine for the particular product, like as laser marking inside of utensil, due to the shape reason usually those normal lasre marking machine can't mark or can't mark proper, many user is facing this problem in the kitchenware or stainless steel utensil industry, for this problem we have develping a special model which attach with 90°C laser beam reflection  mirror, this mirror can be parallel reflect focused laser beam to workingpiece, the special coating can be resolve the conicity problem of laser beam, it make laser beam keep sharp after extra reflection, this device working with automatic electric up & down fixture, it automatic move workingpiece to setting position for marking after loaded working piece and move down for change new workingpiece, this function can be keep best uniformity of marking result, it make mark inside of utensil become to easy.